Your DMS Should Make You Feel Like A King

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 08-Nov-2018 11:22:00
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Feel like a king

Your dealership management system is the heart and soul of your dealership, this is something that every member of staff will be using every day. This is the communication and transparency you rely on. Your DMS should make you and your dealership feel like a King. It should give you power, control and ensure you are fully informed on the goings-on of your roost.

When dealerships rely so strongly on their DMS, why is it that so many still have systems that leave them frustrated? As far as I’m concerned, if your DMS isn’t making your staff’s lives easier and moving you further to reaching your goals then it’s not the right DMS for you.

It’s all about you

Each dealership has unique needs, so the system they use needs to be able to integrate and adapt to those unique needs. Like a King, you should be served, with your life being made easier by the small, basic tasks being taken care of while you concern yourself with the big stuff. A lot of platforms struggle to do this, so revising whether you need to replace or make additions to yours could be key in ensuring a better process. Your DMS should be supported with the latest software, making inputting and analysis easier for you and your dealership.



Dealership management systems are there to empower you. They should empower you to cut costs, empower you to deliver great aftersales support and empower you to satisfy and retain your customers. This tool should deliver dealership control and put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing jobs, staff, resources and customers. In so many cases, dealership systems are more of a hindrance than a help and this is absurd! After all, how can you and your dealership reign without power?


To have control of your dealership you need to be fully-informed at all times. This means you, your staff and your customers have complete transparency and freedom of information. As a King, you need to be fed information constantly so you can make well-informed decisions. Your DMS should be the thing to do this, with automatic updates, notifications and customer-representative live chat for clarity on daily procedures. Essentially, everyone should be on the same page- and that page is real-time, detailed and results-driven.

Rule the Roost

With the backbone of your dealership being fully-reliable you’ll be empowered to keep customers satisfied, staff happy and processes streamlined. Your DMS should be enabling you to cut costs and increase retention and in the long run- profitability, leading to unimaginable wealth and power- I think that’s where the King analogy ends but you get the point. 


In Summary, if your DMS is not

  • Flexible
  • Empowering
  • Time and money saving
  • Transparent
  • Reliable

Then it might be time to rethink and streamline your internal processes so you can deliver a better external customer experience. Remember 72% would visit dealerships more often if the buying process was improved (AutoTrader)- This starts with your DMS.

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