CustomerLounge taps new income streams in challenging times

Posted by Catherine Osborn on 04-Nov-2021 11:13:27

We’re heading to AM Live with a spring in our steps this November, because we’re not just going to be showing visitors to our stand how CustomerLounge makes everyone’s life more chilled, but we’ve also got some really impressive revenue stats to share.

Portrait of mechanic gesturing thumbs up as he checks oil level of car

How does an extra £15K a month in zero-pressure sales sound to you?  

Pretty good, right?  

Note to self: order more oil

Our best-performing sites achieved the following figures in September: 

  • £1,620 in oil sales top-up requests, with a conversion rate of 10.5% 
  • £2,960 in air con refresh enquiries, with a conversion rate of 6.25% 
  • £8,400-worth of service plan requests, with a conversion rate of 5.8% 

And our latest software feature update leverages EMaC integration to convert enquiries into sales by allowing customers to complete purchases via CustomerLounge. 

EMaC integration mobile

This is part of what the customer sees when they opt to “buy now.” The purchase takes place entirely within CustomerLounge through the EMaC widget.

So if you’re seeing 30 customers a day on average, you too could achieve potential earnings of £15,000+ per month (£185k per year) by promoting additional products and services, adding an extra £22 per customer invoice on average. 

A word of warning though: one of our dealerships, Partridge of Hampshire, was a little too successful, running out of oil top-up packs. As their aftersales manager Mark Bray said, “It’s a nice problem to have,” but do make sure you order a bit more in, just in case! 

Automated campaigns mobile

Our oil bottle top up campaigns have been so successful that some dealerships ran out!

Happy customers, healthy sales  

CustomerLounge’s smart promotion tool figures out what to promote to each customer (after all, there’s no point in offering a service plan if they already have one) and positions it at the right stage of the aftersales journey.  

And of course, there’s no point in trying to sell anything to an unhappy customer; fortunately, CustomerLounge has that covered too. It’s basically an aftersales communications tool with customer satisfaction built in — it gives customers timely updates on their service, cutting down on phone calls, and includes a host of features like explainer videos from Vehicle Visuals to show customers what needs to be done, and why. 

Happy Customer sign with clouds and sky background

We’re delighted that 56% of our customers’ customers are now engaging digitally with their dealer in CustomerLounge, and we’ve seen a rise of 151% in monthly engagements since January — a trend that looks set to continue. 

Alex Knight, Head of Marketing, says: “We're super excited by what we're seeing on the platform this year. The revenue-generating potential of CustomerLounge is extremely powerful, and it's become clear that engaging customers through a relevant, convenient channel can boost a dealer's bottom line. With car sales down, it's never been more important for dealers to maximise their earning potential in the aftersales department, and that's exactly what CustomerLounge can do.  

“Promotions act as ‘silent sales people’ in a pressure-free and convenient environment for car drivers, and any organic additional sales can be turbocharged by using our automated campaigns to intelligently and proactively target the right customers, at the right time."

Take the weight off your feet at this year’s AM Live 

The theme of our stand at this year’s AM Live is ‘relaxation’. That’s because CustomerLounge can take the pressure off your customers, your aftersales team and your sales promotions. 

So come over to AM Live stand P16, Thursday 11 November, where the coffee’s* on us, try out the product and find out how much you could make every month using our revenue calculator.

But first coffee 


If you’re not going to be able to make it, why not visit our website to book a demo? 

Either way, let’s catch up soon 😀☕ 

*Tea also available! 


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