Vehicle Visuals integrates with CustomerLounge to increase revenue for dealers

Posted by Jon Oxtoby on 01-Jun-2021 11:00:00

Our integration gives dealers access to more than 250 videos showing customers what different repairs and maintenance jobs involve. Sending these videos to customers effortlessly via CustomerLounge can help customers understand and agree to more repairs.

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Are you providing customers with all the info they need?

Posted by Jon Oxtoby on 01-Feb-2021 10:21:01

What information does a customer need when they bring their car in for a service, an MOT, or a repair? Back in the day, all they needed was the information on the work you did, and the invoice. But these days, customers are expecting rather more.

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Managing the MOT backlog

Posted by Alex Knight on 18-Aug-2020 08:41:15

The government's six month MOT extension has resulted in good news for dealers with increased demand. Being prepared and preparing customers is the best course of action to continue to spread the workload over the next few months.

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Dealers still missing opportunities through inaccurate data

Posted by Alex Knight on 09-Sep-2019 07:35:00

Research has found that a third of all data held by franchised dealers is either inaccurate or incomplete , which means they will struggle to maximise MOT and service work.

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New MOT sees more fails

Posted by Alex Knight on 04-Sep-2019 09:11:00

Following the introduction of new, stricter MOT tests, increasing numbers of vehicles have failed with 10 million vehicles having not met the new criteria since its introduction a year ago.

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Topics: dealerships, online, digital, Aftersales, buying, automotive, consumers, dealer, service, retail, MOT, independent workshops

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