What’s new from Autino – Autumn edition

Posted by Jon Oxtoby on 01-Oct-2021 09:51:56

As the seasons change (and of course, many businesses tick over from Q3 into Q4), the team here at Autino has been reflecting on what we’ve added to CustomerLounge in the last 3 months.

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Electric cars could pave the way for an 80mph motorway speed limit

Posted by Alex Knight on 17-Dec-2019 07:38:07

Motorists who think the 50-year-old 70mph motorway speed limit needs updating to better reflect the sophistication and technology on modern cars would have been heartened to hear that raising it to 80mph might be on the horizon.

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Should you install an EV charger on your forecourt?

Posted by Alex Knight on 02-Oct-2019 11:55:22

If you’re serious about staking your claim in a motoring world which is fast becoming electrified, the answer is ‘yes’.

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