Powerful new reporting features arrive in CustomerLounge

Posted by Jon Oxtoby on 20-Jan-2021 11:05:41

CustomerLounge dealers can now generate reports that give powerful insights into their dealership from one easily accessible location.

Reports are focused on three core areas that research tells us are important to our clients:

  1. Customer and service advisor engagement
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Revenue generated through CustomerLounge’s personalised offers.

This means that the benefits of improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue that CustomerLounge brings to dealerships can now be seen in real-time. We hope you love it!

One of the benefits of being a tech company is that the switch to working from home didn’t really derail the Autino team much. So in 2020, we were able to spend a lot of time listening to dealerships and their customers to find out what was important to them when it comes to customer service at dealerships. We got some really interesting results that are driving some exciting innovations in CustomerLounge – and the first of them is now ready to share with the world!

Generate reports any time, from one location

In response to feedback from dealerships and our own research, we’ve built a reporting dashboard that dealers can use to see the difference CustomerLounge is making to their business. We’ve designed the reports to show only the information you want to see. You won’t find meaningless vanity metrics in our reporting – only information that helps you make the right decisions to grow your business.

Report dashboard

How does it work?

When you log in to CustomerLounge, you’ll see a shiny new dashboard showing top-level KPIs across three core areas. These show you at a glance how things are going in your dealership across Engagement, Satisfaction, and Revenue. You can then drill own into each of those areas in more detail – so let’s take a quick look now:



Engagement dashboard


We calculate an engagement rating based on how engaged both your customers and your advisors are with CustomerLounge. This gives you a good idea of how well the system is being used by your employees and customers. In particular, you can see information on:

- How many jobs were imported from your DMS

- How many customers have been invited and visited CustomerLounge

- How many customers have engaged with your service teams

- How many messages have been sent  and at what times of day



Satisfaction dashboard

Want to know how happy your customers are with your service? Find out in the blink of an eye with an overall sentiment rating, and a word cloud showing the most popular words people are using when they talk about you on CustomerLounge. You can also see:

- Individual customer ratings, helping you address any issues before customers fill in an OEM survey

- The most common questions customers are asking on CustomerLounge, helping you identify trends that need action

- Individual customer service advisor performance – see how satisfied an advisor’s customers are, and how long they take to reply, to celebrate successes or support those who need additional training.



Revenue dashboard

Through CustomerLounge, dealerships can send their customers personalised offers, increasing revenue and building positive relationships by providing the right offers at the right time. Our reporting dashboard shows you:

- The level of interest in your offers

- The revenue you’ve generated from those offers

- Top performing products for your dealership, both now and over time

What does this mean for you?

The improvements we’ve made to our reporting capabilities make it easier for you to see progress and trends in your dealership – and act on them. Our philosophy is that reports are only useful if they help improve your business – so we’ve built ours to do just that.

You can see areas where you may need to train employees, or adjust a process to improve satisfaction or generate more revenue. You can also see where you and your team are excelling, so you can build on that success. You can also use our reports to quantify the impact CustomerLounge is having on your business: how many phone calls have you avoided by using CustomerLounge’s chat function? How much have you increased customer satisfaction? How much revenue have your personalised offers generated?

The start of something great

We’re super excited to bring reporting to CustomerLounge – it’s going to make a big difference to the level of actionable insight that you get from the platform. But we’re not stopping now. We plan to continually upgrade our reports to make them even more useful. Some of the ideas we're considering include:

- Improved real-time alerts to escalate dissatisfied customers quickly

- Benchmarking so that dealerships can compare their performance with leaders in their industry

- Smarter suggestions to CustomerLounge dealers about what offers they could give their customers to maximise revenue and increase satisfaction

7 steops to better dealership experience

What do you want to see?

We’re always interested in feedback from dealerships. If you’ve got a feature you want to see in CustomerLounge, let us know! This year we’re supercharging our efforts to continually improve CustomerLounge, and we’d love you to be part of that journey.

If you’re a dealership that’s wrestling with ways to improve customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive landscape, then why not take a look at CustomerLounge and see if it’s right for you?

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