Making car maintenance as easy as ordering pizza

Posted by Alex Knight on 16-Jul-2020 08:24:57
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If sectors like fast-food can provide customers with a digital system that delivers convenience and enhances the customer experience, there’s no reason why automotive aftersales can’t do the same.

car maintenance as easy as ordering a pizza

When we order a pizza online, it’s all very straightforward and intuitive. It doesn't require an employee to telephone the customer to complete the booking. We are asked if we would like any tempting sides, additional toppings or if we would like to treat ourselves to a dessert. Once the order is placed, we are kept informed about the progress of the pizza as it is baked and sent out for delivery. Having taken delivery of our pizza, we are asked for our feedback.

Increasing visibility for the customer

Automated communications with the customer before their visit provide useful confirmation and reminders, reducing the chance of no-shows and giving them the chance to engage pre-visit. On the day, personal introductions and comms from service advisors keep customers informed and allow simple and convenient ways of getting authorisation for additional work, complete with an audit trail for both parties.

Throughout, the customer is kept up-to-date and is reassured the service process is in hand. With the communication coming from their service advisor, there’s also the reassurance that there is a person who can be contacted if needed. Sending pictures or video delivers further transparency and allows the technician to show either the work required or a clean bill of health.

More convenient payment and collection

Once the work is completed, the automated system alerts the customer to collect, removing the need for customers to call and ask ‘when’s my car ready?’. Offering the option of online payment is convenient for customers, alleviates queues in service reception, and minimises personal contact in our post-coronavirus world. Customers also get an easily accessible online invoice and receipt that's friendlier for the environment.

Strengthening the customer relationship

Digital tools keep customers in the loop via their smartphone so there’s no frustration which often arises when a customer can’t reach a service advisor or the service advisor doesn’t know the stage the car is at in the workshop. Requiring little dealer intervention, such increased communication also forges a stronger relationship between the dealership and the customer.

However, just like online food delivery, workshops need to feature a clear menu of services aligned with what customers want which need to be priced competitively with add-ons which can easily be accommodated as part of the service.

It's already a reality

Sounds good doesn't it? Even better, it's already here. Take a look at CustomerLounge today, and get in touch if you think this is the way forward for your dealership...

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