Is your dealership software really right for you?

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 24-Jul-2018 07:42:00
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Software gets outdated. There’s always going to be an update or a way your dealership needs to improve. Unfortunately, this is standard procedure but there is a way to spot if your software is really right for you ahead of time.

This is a quick blog that highlights a few points that I think are key when it comes to knowing if your DMS is really allowing you to reach full potential and profitability.

Keeping your competitive advantage

This is the first point I’d like to make- if your software isn’t enabling you to reach your full potential then it isn’t right for you. Your DMS should be saving you a considerable amount of time and money by streamlining internal processes, and is therefore a massive part of your profitability as a dealership. Take a step back every now and then and ask yourself if your system still saves you time or have the times moved on and now you’re behind?

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Keeping up with the modern customer

The second point to make, which is an obvious one maybe, is to make sure your DMS is up to date. By this, I’m talking about a system that can keep up with the modern customer. Customers now want a live conversation stream where they can get updates on what is going on with their service, with the dealership replying accordingly. They work in real time and you need to too.

Your systems need to ensure that you are up-selling correctly, at the right time and with personalised, appropriate touch points. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my car in for it’s MOT or a service and two weeks later get a generic message from the dealer that tells me it’s time to get my car serviced. Your DMS needs to keep you on top of your customers, knowing exactly what they need and when they need it.

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Keeping your needs in mind

Thirdly, it strikes me that dealerships often pick a system without considering the end goal in sight. To find a DMS that fits your individual dealer needs, you have to know exactly what your needs are. Do you want a system that will improve current processes, or help put new ones in place? What are your goals as a dealership and does your DMS work as an enablement tool in delivering these goals?

In summary, your dealership software needs to help you to meet company goals by streamlining internal processes. This will, in turn, allow you to meet customer’s external expectations and exceed them with a system that is tailored to you and your customer. 


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