Is Your Current DMS Equipped For The Modern Customer?

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 24-Oct-2018 11:05:00
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The modern customer is savvy, informed and in control. Their expectations are high and their patience is low. This is true in every industry and is particularly the case in the automotive industry and, more specifically, the car-buying and after sales processes.

There is no alternative but to adapt to this and keep up with the customer, meeting them on their terms and exceeding their expectations. This is harder than it sounds and needs a great dealer management software.

This is where the issue lies. It may come as a surprise but so many DMS are not facilitating dealerships in the right way, they are not giving the dealership enough to keep up with the customer.

Complaints and reviews about current DMS are bringing up the same issues; DMS are not user friendly and are not modern enough. Time and time again the softwares are called out-dated and unintuitive. This is clearly not adding anything to your customer’s experience and could even be detrimental, not keeping up with customer expectations.

It’s time to change this and take back control of your profitability. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience so, in some cases, there is a lot of work to do!

DMSs need the following to keep up with the modern customer’s demand and expectations:

1.    Real time updates and comms: the customer needs to be constantly informed and real time communication is the only way this can be done to satisfy this customer need

2.    Multi Channel updates and comms: contact the customer however they prefer. Do they like emails or want instant text messages or a two-way chat?

3.    Data integration: the integration of job, dealer and customer data is key for a 360 degree, informed profile of the customer and their interactions

4.    Relevant up-selling: Gone are the days of generic sales messages. Target your sales messages to the exact needs of the customer, their model and their lifestyle.

5.    Up to date processes: processes need to be effortless and easy for the modern customer. This means your DMS needs to be slick, innovative and understand exactly what you need

If this makes sense to you and you want to chat about how to better equip yourself for the modern customer email me on

In the meantime, here’s some more information that can advise you on the DMS that is right for you.

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