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Posted by Nathan Elliott on 16-Oct-2018 14:09:00
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According to AutoVHC’s research, failure to complete vehicle health checks cost the average franchised dealership £11,000 in aftersales revenue last summer. AutoVHC’s business unit director Chris Saunders added that service departments are “simply throwing away revenue opportunities”.

There is so much value for dealers in vehicle health checks, but the customer needs to feel the same. Vehicle health checks are normally looked upon badly by customers. They’re seen as an opportunity to be charged for something that they wouldn’t have otherwise been charged for. For them, a VHC always results in the identification of an issue and them then paying for it. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.


So, what’s the solution? How can dealers increase revenue through VHCs?

The solution is personalisation and digitalisation. A tailored approach to VHCs is going to appeal to customers far more. Offer bespoke, long winded checks for certain customers and the quick essential check for others. Customers are going to feel a lot more valued if you understand their needs and know they probably don’t want the check or the potential consequences of it. This is where you can get creative and show you have the customer in mind, simply understanding will get you further.

VHCs are time consuming. As we’ve all heard- time is money. Streamlining a process that takes up company time is a no brainer and your VHCs and follow up comms to your customers is no different. When customers can visualise the check and damages, on a platform that they are comfortable with, in an advisory way they won’t feel pressured they will just feel like they have been informed. This is going to mean customers are far more receptive to VHCs, with checks can becoming quicker, more welcome and more frequent.


A little help from your friends

To execute this seamlessly you are going to need some help. It’s going to require an all-round DMS system that allows customer transparency and personalisation. This is why we’ve created CustomerVue. It allows you to identify, quote and sell on the customer’s terms as well as many other features- all on an interactive, real-time customer portal.

Features include:

  • Visual Health Check
  • Electronic T-Card
  • Pre & Post Visit Communication
  • Communication and messaging
  • DMS Integration
  • Reporting
  • Follow up Surveys

CustomerVue is already increasing revenue in dealerships, with managers “swearing by it” and Aftersales saying they’d be “lost without it”. Don’t get left behind- find out more information here or drop me a line, I’m happy to advise. 

Download a copy of the CustomerVue brochure

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