How To Maximise The Value Of Your Leads

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 12-Sep-2018 11:36:00
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The word CRM often brings a shiver down many people’s spine, but let’s be honest, if you have a CRM that’s organised and holds clean data, it’s a highly valuable asset. A CRM that is managed and used correctly has the ability to streamline your entire dealership sales process and improve performance of each of your leads.

Regular and up-to-date CRM reporting can provide you with some insightful and useful information which can help you with personalising your sales process, promote accountability and productivity, but ultimately increase sales.

So, if you’re looking to boost the value of your leads look at a few areas I’ve listed below.


Lead Tracking & Nurturing

It’s important that when you start to track and nurture leads that you are holding the right information, from their contact details to their activity on your website and ultimately their conversion path.

Recording the entire customer journey in your CRM would be key. This will allow you to nurture leads, track all the interactions and their activity. The result of this gives your sales team and advisors the insight to tailor marketing communications and offers that are based upon their needs, in a nutshell- what does the data tell you? This will not only help you stay front of mind but also increase your chances of retaining business as you are speaking to them on their terms and tailoring your content and offers based upon their needs.

Accurate data will allow you to keep the customer journey on course, consistent and moving forward with efficiency, accuracy and tailored for the customer. It will ensure no leads get left behind and you can stay up-to-date with follow up calls, dealership visits, service reminders, finance agreements, contact information etc.

Improve your sales process

Now, for anyone looking to improve any process its key to continue to review, refine and go again. The more you review and analyse your sales process the better chance you have of being able to constantly refine it for improvement. Look for key insight such as:

How many touch points on average does it take to covert a prospect?

Which touch points are most effective?

What are the most popular methods of communication?

What offers and services are the most popular?


The more insight you can get from your data the more you can improve your sales process and retention rates.

Another thing that will aid your CRM usage and value is to get buy in from all staff. You should consider the following:

Training – Take the time to give every member the training and support they need so they are confident in using the system and can get the most out of it.

Culture – Everyone needs to use the CRM so this needs to start from the top to bottom. Leaders need to show the way.

Feedback – You want your team to feedback suggestions and problems, after all it’s there for their benefit and who best to feedback than the everyday users. You want the CRM to enhance their roles not burden them so their feedback is key.

Incentivise – You can use the reports from the CRM system to your advantage and based upon employee activity you can reward them in recognition of their efforts e.g. most number of calls, most number of appointment sets etc.

When your process is clean and effective your leads will naturally become more valuable and your conversion rates higher from insight that you’ve taken on board.

Your next step is to get your digital marketing strategy in place. The key word being ‘digital’. We need to consider how we are reaching our audience, as traditional methods are not enough, remember we now live in a world where the consumer expects convenience, personalisation on their terms. This is the next challenge to consider but not one to be ignored.

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