Franchised dealers missing a trick with eVHC

Posted by Alex Knight on 30-Aug-2019 12:22:14
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EVHC or electronic vehicle health check is a well-known workshop tool for identifying work required on a vehicle and is widely used in the franchised sector. But latest figures show thousands of pounds of work is being overlooked because workshops are not using the check at every possibility.


According to latest data from a leading eVHC provider, the franchised sector serviced more vehicles in the first half of this year compared to last year, but the number of completed eVHCs dropped slightly.

From January to June this year, the average dealership undertook 5% more services compared to the same time last year with 1,649 vehicles passing through the network’s workshops, up from 1,570.

Franchised dealers though carried out fewer vehicle health checks, slipping from 69% of all vehicles in the workshop to 66%. Bearing in mind that figures suggest the check adds £73 to an invoice, that means the average dealer lost £40,880 in the first six months of the year. Nationwide, this translates to £200 million of lost aftersales revenue.

Not only is this a fair chunk of revenue being lost but it also represents a lack of customer service especially if red work, that which is considered essential to be completed there and then, is overlooked. However, amber work which is not booked into the garage for completion at a later date can easily become red work if not completed in the appropriate time. Long term, non-completion of red and amber work could result in more costly jobs required by the customers in the future and could even be dangerous if left.

Given the amount of work the franchised sector has overlooked in the past six months alone by simply not completing an eVHC for every vehicle which passed through its collective workshops, the opportunity is there for the taking.

Consider the volume of vehicles which pass through your workshop every week and by using eVHC it would be possible to identify additional work required. Customers will appreciate being made aware of work needed but you also boost your bottom line. Don’t just undertake the check for cars in for a service, even if a car comes in for new tyres or requires new bulbs fitted, the eVHC could flag up other work. Even if the work is identified as amber, a booking for a future date means the car will be returning to your garage. If the customer is reluctant to book, most systems will automatically alert you to contact them and remind them the work needs to be done which could result in a booking.

Implementing an eVHC process for your business is likely to deliver both increased revenue and customer satisfaction levels, particularly for those businesses implementing a consistent approach whereby all vehicles in the workshop are given a check.

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