Does your DMS Have These Key Features?

Posted by Alex Knight on 05-Feb-2019 10:40:00
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An effective Dealer Management System has some pretty key features that means your processes are streamlined, your communication is optimised and you’re able to nurture and sell effortlessly.

Does your DMS help you up-sell?

Are you able to focus on your most profitable items or items you want to move into your workshop? You should be well informed when it comes to determining your customer’s wants and needs, with a back log of communication history for every customer.

Does your DMS give you and your customer automatic updates?

Does your current dealership management system provide your customer with complete transparency? Keeping your customer updated on their car repair job status throughout the day is key to customer satisfaction. Customers are used to being informed and feeling in control and your DMS should allow you to fulfil this need.


Does your DMS have a Live Chat feature allowing real time communication between dealership staff and customers?

Allowing your customers to get in contact at any point is giving them the freedom they expect. Your DMS should give you the ability to reply to messages as they come through. This will give customers answers to their questions in real time- eliminating any potential frustration or miscommunication.

Is your DMS Multi-channel?

Are you able to communicate with customers on their terms? A good DMS should be able to tailor the way you communicate depending on each customer’s preferences. This can be email, text, live chat or whatever your customer may desire!


Is your DMS device compatible?

Your DMS should integrate well and work effortlessly across desktop and mobile. When installing a new system in your dealership, it’s a real pain when systems won’t integrate or sync with tools you already have installed. Your DMS should be flexible to allow you to be flexible too.

Does your DMS enable you to deliver outstanding Aftersales and post visit communications?

 Dealerships should always be considering how to maximise customer satisfaction scores as well as increasing the likelihood of future work. You should be able to send easy, follow up messages that will allow you to nurture leads and build strong customer relationships.

All of the above features are key to a dealership tool that is going to enable you to reach your dealership goals, achieve Aftersales success and increase revenue and customer satisfaction. It’s so simple, but has so many rewards!

How many of these questions could you answer “yes” to? If it wasn’t so many then it may be time for you to consider some now technology in your dealership- stay competitive!

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