CarVue feature update: Inventory levels and Estimated hours

Posted by Alex Knight on 09-Jul-2018 15:32:29
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Today we're introducing some great new features in CarVue that allow you to manage your parts inventory and speed up adding repair lines to jobs. We've also added in a new job export feature so you can download your CarVue job history in an Excel spreadsheet.

A more powerful inventory

CarVue's Products module has been upgraded with new features in stock inventory that will save you time managing parts in your garage every day.

Minimum and maximum levels

Now when you add in a product into CarVue and select that you want it to have a trackable inventory, you can add in values for min and max levels that you want to have in stock.

Inventory alerts

If your stock level goes outside of the min and max levels you've chosen for a product, you now get helpful visual cues to give you better visibility of your stock levels at-a-glance.

Parts Suppliers

You can now select your preferred suppliers for products. So when it's time to re-order any of your products, you have quick access to your preferred suppliers.

Estimated labour hours on jobs

We've made some improvements to the job details (or job card) pages that will save you more time and give you insight into how long your jobs are taking.

Quicker repair building

We've sped up adding jobs so when you add in a new repair to a job card, you get to input an 'Estimated hours' time. Now when you save the repair, you'll automatically get a labour line with the estimated hours, saving you time adding the line separately.

Compare estimated and billing hours

When the repair is complete, you can select how much labour to charge your customer in the new 'Billable Hours' field. This usefully allows you to compare your original labour estimate to the time you're billing the customer for on all your repairs.

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New! Job history export

We've been asked by lots of users for access to their job history, so we're really pleased to present this new feature to you today!

Head to Export in Settings now and you'll find that as well as being able to download your contacts and vehicles, there's a new option to export your CarVue job history. 

Click the button and you'll get a full Excel-friendly spreadsheet downloaded with all of your job data, including repairs, repair lines, contacts and vehicles.

The new product inventory, estimated hours and job export features are all available today, so log-in here to your CarVue account to check them out. You can read full details of this CarVue release here. Let us know what you think in the comments, and check back soon for even more great CarVue features coming your way...

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