By ignoring the digital customer, you’re ignoring revenue.

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 18-Sep-2018 13:24:00
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There are a lot of stages to the modern car-buyer journey. The majority of the process is now online, with customers coming into dealerships only when they have a clear idea of what they’re buying, at the end of their buying journey.

Customers expect more. They want communication, convenience and transparency and at the same time they want value for money, this is what has driven the digital age. This, therefore, is what is expected of the automotive industry.

The pre-sale online research that consumers conduct is extensive and purposeful and they have a need to be informed- why shouldn’t they be in this age? An example of this, albeit extreme, is the data found from Luth Research of one consumer’s 900+ digital interactions in her car-buying process. The interactions included searches, visits, images and videos across Google, YouTube, manufacturer websites, comparison and review sites and dealer sites. The Google searches totalled 139 individual searches, which is 139 opportunities for dealers to be right there with the answer to her questions.

Are you there? Are you delighting customers from the beginning of the buyer-journey?

Always be helping

We think there is too much of a focus on sales in the industry. Most dealerships are keen to win over customers and sell, sell, sell. This way of conducting your company is out-dated and no longer works. Customer care and satisfaction doesn’t end as soon as a sale is made, building relationships with customers that lead to retention is what works. It’s clear why with just a 5% increase in customer retention, profits can be increased by up to 95%.

The customer experience needs to be tailored and personalised. Customer X wants to come in to get his car serviced and wants the staff to know his name, model, remember previous communications and preferences. Customer X wants to only be sold add ons to his model of car, considering his needs- why would he want to be told about new car seats for kids when he’s a young single with a coupe? It only makes sense to sell individually relevant add ons. This seems obvious but is still happening in automotive sales.

The same is true of repair services. You get more insight when ordering pizza than when you take your car in to be serviced.


We have experienced, noted and worked on this problem in the industry and have a solution.

Introducing CustomerLounge….

A customer engagement platform designed to help you and your customers communicate on any device, up-sell effortlessly and optimise your service advisor's day. CustomerLounge allows you to deliver the experience that car drivers have come to expect in other areas of their daily lives.



Key Features

Live Chat: A live conversation stream connecting your customers with your staff

Integrate Media: Automatic and manual uploading of videos, documents and images

Up-sell Items: Focus on your most profitable or items you want to move in your workshop

Branded Interface: A tailored platform that matches your company branding

Automatic Updates: Keeping your customer updated in real time, at all times

Data Integration: Automatic import of job, customer and conversation data from DMS and automatic posting of data back to DMS

Multi-channel: Contact customers via two way chat, text message or email

Device Responsive: Works brilliantly across desktop and mobile, with iOS and Android

Post-visit Comms: Maximise customer satisfaction and retention


For more information visit our website and if you want to stop missing out and maximise your retention and profits then email me on or give me a call on 07469856418.

Download a copy of the CustomerVue brochure

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