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Posted by Nathan Elliott on 27-Sep-2018 10:32:00
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Are you up to speed?

The aftersales industry is worth £99 billion* in the UK so it makes sense to invest the time to get your aftersales approach on point. But are you up to speed with the how the market is changing?

The UK SMMT* has reported that 800,000 cars with connected technology were produced in 2015 and it’s expected to double by 2020.


What does this tell us?

Well, I think it should highlight how important it is for dealerships to evolve and adapt, from their facilities to service and deal with connected cars to their DMS. If consumers are connecting and communicating with dealers through their vehicles then you need to consider how your engaging with them too. The key is to keep the customer engaged, on their terms, and to be open to change as new technologies emerge.

So, if they can book a service in via their car they will expect this convenience or similar when it comes to your interaction and communication with them too.

The consumer of today wants convenience. If they have that in their connected cars than they will expect the same from your dealership and aftersales. You want customer retention, right? Well, then you need to make sure that the customer experience remains excellent throughout their journey with you. This means every touch point, every interaction with your brand must be relevant, personalised and on point.

What’s Next?

Well, we need to get you to up to speed. So that you further enhance the customer experience you should consider a customer engagement platform that will allow you to not only get up to speed but to interact with your customers on their terms.


Introducing CustomerLounge….

A customer engagement platform designed to help you and your customers communicate on any device, up-sell effortlessly and optimise your service advisor’s day. CustomerLounge allows you to deliver the experience that car drivers have come to expect in other areas of their daily lives



Key Features

Live Chat: A live conversation stream connecting your customers with your staff

Integrate Media: Automatic and manual uploading of videos, documents and images

Up-sell Items: Focus on your most profitable or items you want to move in your workshop

Branded Interface: A tailored platform that matches your company branding

Automatic Updates: Keeping your customer updated in real time, at all times

Data Integration: Automatic import of job, customer and conversation data from DMS and automatic posting of data back to DMS

Multi-channel: Contact customers via two way chat, text message or email

Device Responsive: Works brilliantly across desktop and mobile, with iOS and Android

Post-visit Comms: Maximise customer satisfaction and retention


For more information visit our website and if you want to stop missing out and maximise your retention and profits then email me on or give me a call on 07469856418.

Download a copy of the CustomerVue brochure


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