7 steps to better dealership experiences

Posted by Alex Knight on 03-Sep-2020 10:57:27
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More than ever customer experience is the key to a dealership’s success. And with the UK economy facing its biggest challenge since the 2008 financial crash, dealers will be keen to secure every piece of business possible.

7 steps to better dealership experience

Whether selling new or used cars or providing aftersales services, businesses which adopt intuitive, intelligent and informative digital practices will be the ones delivering standout customer care.

It’s all very well having the friendliest sales executives or the most efficient sales advisors on the day, but getting customers through the door in the first place and keeping them updated when they are there are pretty much digital tasks. These digital interactions are experienced ahead of a visit and should be fully integrated with the entire sales or aftersales process.

  1. Confirmation
    Customers should receive an automated confirmation when booking a service, test drive or sales appointment whilst the option to ask questions or make specific requests adds another layer of customer service.

  2. Video response
    A personal video communication whether that’s a walk-round of the vehicle under consideration or an introduction with instructions of where to park on the day from the service advisor helps forge a connection between the customer and the business ahead of the visit.

  3. Transparency
    Keep customers informed at every step of the transaction so they know when their new car will arrive or their used car will be ready for collection. Likewise, automated communications ensure service customers are aware of their car’s progress through the workshop, eliminating frustrations of not being able to contact the service advisor or sales executive by phone.

  4. Adding extra
    Communicating accessories ahead of collection of a new car can boost add-on revenue whilst in aftersales, the vehicle health check assures the customer their car has a clean bill of health whilst flagging red work for immediate attention keeps vehicles safe and well maintained and amber work, which is automatically diaried, provides a funnel of future workshop bookings and customers can be confident vital work to keep their vehicle in the best condition for the road is not missed.

  5. Predictions
    Automatically calculating miles driven between services means dealers can accurately predict work required and likely replacements from cam belts to air conditioning services according to make, model and driving style whilst highlighting end of finance agreements or up and coming warranty dates ahead of schedule ensures communications are relevant, targeted and timely meaning customers are also less likely to opt out of receiving communications from the business.

  6. Educate
    Include video explanations of the safety and maintenance implications of undertaking certain tasks or options at the end of finance agreements will encourage responses.

  7. Remote payment
    Whether it’s a deposit for a car or payment for a service, the ability to pay online reduces queues and time spent in the dealership as well making the process quick, easy and digitally audited for both the dealership and customers.

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