4 reasons why you need to update your dealership communication tools

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 13-Jun-2018 11:52:20
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It’s almost 2018. Everything’s digital, everything’s multi-channel. I’ve seen so many cases where car dealerships don’t seem to be able to keep up with this and eventually, this will catch up with them.

Dealerships now are as good as their tech. This is why each dealer should constantly re assess their communication tools. Is your DMS up to date? Could it do more for you? Are your communication tools allowing transparency and ease of information exchange internally and with your customers? I’ve asked these questions a lot and seem to get similar answers, so I’ve written this blog to give you a head start; here’s why you need the latest communication tools for your dealership.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Dealership Communication Tools 1


1. Integration

You can tell the quality of a DMS by its ability to integrate with other systems effortlessly. When I talk to IT departments they are hesitant to accept new communication tools for their dealers because they think it will be a lot of work, involving replacing current systems and starting from scratch. The right DMS or communication tool will work with whatever you currently use, integrating and enhancing, respectively.

So, now we can forget about the huge workload a new communication system brings and think about how much time it will actually save you. A system that’s modern and intelligent enough to join forces with your current capabilities will give you further freedom. This freedom comes from the ability to have a system that is tailored to your dealer’s unique processes and needs.

2. Master of all trades

In somewhat of a contradiction, the next reason you need to update your communication tool is the scope of ability that they now have. A modern DMS incorporates multiple communication platforms, customer data and internal transparency to create a seamless customer experience from one system. This will ensure that each customer touch point is consistent and recorded, making your team’s life easier.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Dealership Communication Tools 2


3. Flexibility

Modern systems allow for complete flexibility. The only way to keep up with the modern customer is to be flexible in how you can communicate. A system that offers multiple channels of communication that can be tailored to each individual customer will give you the flexibility to meet and then exceed every customer’s expectations. If one customer wants to be contacted via text and be sent a video and photos of the service progress and another wants a detailed email update followed by a phone call, you need to be able to offer this. The ability to use collected data to communicate on different channels simultaneously is essential for the modern customer, and therefore, essential for the modern dealership.

4. Real-time data

Speaking of data, this is another reason your communication system should be up to scratch. The modern customer now knows more about the car dealership and what they want from them than ever before. The customer can tell the dealership more about the product or service they want than the dealership can, and this is huge. Dealerships can take back a little bit more control with the right internal communication tool. A DMS should provide real time data in a separate profile for each customer.


Dealership technology is always going to be something that is a huge determinant of dealer success. However, the personnel you employ and how the communicate with your customers, as well as each other is going to be something that needs to be considered first. The first place to look is internally, as this is a basis for your unique processes that your communication tools need to fit in with. 


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