How to use big data to influence your customers

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 13-Mar-2018 10:39:37

Are you taking advantage of big data within your dealership?

Chances are you use data to inform car design or technologies within the dealership, but what about your customers?
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How to increase customer retention in 2018

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 20-Feb-2018 08:21:00

There’s endless content and conversation on customer retention in the automotive industry. This is why it’s so surprising that there’s still core issues here. As we all know, retention depends on customer experience as the experience determines customer satisfaction.

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Getting the best value out of your CRM

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 12-Feb-2018 15:07:43

For your dealership to be successful, the customer comes first and they expect their customer experience to remain consistent. So, managing that relationship is key. In the automotive industry, this can be seen as a challenge as your interaction with the customer isn’t regular- car purchases or upgrades happen every few years and services are roughly on a yearly basis. Plus, with the influx of new technology and the digital world we live in, trying to get the customers attention isn’t as easy as it once was.

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Tags: retention, customer experience, technology, crm

Customer experience: going beyond new car registrations

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 31-Jan-2018 15:55:26

August 2017 saw 76,433 new car registrations according to the SMMT. With this volume, your dealership was no doubt super busy trying to close deals. But, this is just one aspect of the sale, what about customer retention? This is surely key to your revenue and growth?

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