CustomerVue feature update: Inbox & VHC upgrades

Posted by Alex Knight on 16-Jul-2018 13:41:47

The latest changes have been rolled out to CustomerVue, our franchised workshop management system. We know that in a busy workshop environment, keeping customers updated is hugely important, so in this release we've made some usability improvements to the great customer communication tools already in the system as well as some changes to VHC which will further increase the efficiency of your service team.

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Do you upgrade your DMS or switch?

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 10-Jul-2018 09:35:00

I know that your Dealer Management System is at the heart of your dealership so when it comes to thinking about switching your provider it’s no easy task. Your entire dealership will be comfortable with your current system and know it like the back of their hands, so the idea of new technology and change can often be met with some resistance and no doubt a bombardment of questions. Then you also have the anxiety of the whole process itself, will the data transfer correctly? What will the down time be? These are just a few common questions that will naturally spring to mind.


The fundamental reason you’ll be considering the switch or upgrade is to enhance your productivity, communication, performance, efficiency and to increase your ability to keep your customers happy. So, what’s the best option?

Well let’s be totally honest, outdated technology doesn’t help anyone, does it? Yes, new technology brings change which naturally will cause anxiety and pushback, but this shouldn’t matter or influence the decision. If you have the option of acquiring new technology that helps your dealership enhance productivity, communication, performance, efficiency and customer retention, then it’s quite clearly a no brainer.

Your focus to achieve the above should be to find a provider that truly understands your dealership and your needs. You're looking to build a lasting relationship so they should be able to provide you with options to achieve your business goals, the outcome shouldn’t be an upgrade every time, if there is an opportunity to integrate new systems to your current DMS then that should be explored too. What I’m trying to get across is don’t hold your dealership back, support it and proactively enhance it but don’t feel stuck, restricted with your options.


There are a number of providers out there, your job is finding the right one, if they are as good as they say they are they won’t have a short-term vision and be focused on the quick sale. It will be quite the opposite- they’ll take the time to understand your dealership’s needs and help you grow through their services, that’s long-term thing thinking and is the kind of relationship you want.   

Final Word

We live in a digital world and technology is at the fingertips of your audience, so this means your dealership needs to be up to speed, if not cutting edge. Ultimately you need to have the tools in place to remain competitive and to keep your customers happy and increase your retention rates. Don’t be restricted by one provider or hold back your dealership with legacy technology, find providers that understand your dealership needs and can give you the correct solutions. Your task here is to find them.

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CarVue feature update: Inventory levels and Estimated hours

Posted by Alex Knight on 09-Jul-2018 15:32:29

Today we're introducing some great new features in CarVue that allow you to manage your parts inventory and speed up adding repair lines to jobs. We've also added in a new job export feature so you can download your CarVue job history in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Embrace the digital revolution or get left behind

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 02-Jul-2018 14:54:00

Before the digital age changed the way we shop, buying a car was a long process of more than five dealer visits and a lot of questions, answered mostly by the dealership.

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How well do you know your millennial customers?

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 27-Jun-2018 08:14:00

Nothing stands still and neither does the customer landscape. Millennials are classed as people born between 1980 and 2004, and they are entering the car buying market at high speed. It’s been reported* that by 2020 Millennials are expected to capture 40% of the new car sales market.

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Is your DMS increasing profitability?

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 18-Jun-2018 10:38:00

I’ve got some questions…

Your DMS is there to measure, report, input jobs and provide clarity and transparency when it comes to your internal processes and communications, right? But, what about the customer?

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4 reasons why you need to update your dealership communication tools

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 13-Jun-2018 11:52:20

It’s almost 2018. Everything’s digital, everything’s multi-channel. I’ve seen so many cases where car dealerships don’t seem to be able to keep up with this and eventually, this will catch up with them.

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Are you making the most of your face-to-face customer interactions?

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 04-Jun-2018 12:27:00

Face-to-face interactions are far less frequent in our digital world. But face-to-face interaction cannot be beaten in terms of delivering customer service, we’re all humans and have a basic need for connection and relationships. This will always be the case.

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Customers have the final say when it comes to dealer revenue

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 29-May-2018 10:41:00

When it comes to your dealership I know you’re looking to drive engagement, revenue and ultimately retention, and service is where it all happens- that’s where the margin is. Take the diagram below for example, service allows you to make the margin profit, which drives customer loyalty and loyalty drives repeat sales. But for all this to happen customer experience is key.

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5 top tips for looking after your DMS

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 21-May-2018 09:41:00

When it comes to DMS systems, there’s no questioning their value to dealerships. That’s why I’ve created this short blog that outlines some tips that will be useful when it comes to looking after your DMS server.

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